Ramírez Vázquez, Pedro

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Ramírez Vázquez, Pedro (1919– ). Mexican architect. He designed the School of Medicine, Mexico City (1953), but his museum work is best known, notably the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City, with a huge forecourt featuring much masonry (1963–4). He designed the Guadalupe Shrine, Mexico City (1975–6), a tent-like structure for 10,000 people inside and 30,000 in the outside court, and the National Parliament, including the House of Representatives and the Senate (1976–80). He also designed the Mexican Pavilion, Universal Exposition, Seville (1991–2).


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Vázquez, Pedro Ramírez

views updated Jun 08 2018

Vázquez, Pedro Ramírez (1919– ). See Ramírez Vásquez.