Eyck, Aldo van

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Eyck, Aldo van (1918–99). Dutch architect. He worked in the Public Works Department, Amsterdam (1946–50), set up his own practice in 1952, and entered into partnership (1971–82) with Theo Bosch (1940– ). In his work he insisted on structural and practical adaptability, and was a committed Modernist (he was a member of Team X). His Municipal Orphanage, Amsterdam (1957–60), embraced forms of various sizes flowing into each other within a quadrangular frame, creating a complex mnemonic of various urban spaces. Other works include the Arnhem Sculpture Pavilion, in which the circular plan was subdivided by straight and semicircular partitions (1966), the Pastoor van Arskerk, The Hague (1968–70), and a Conference Centre and Restaurant, Noordwijk (1984–9). His work has been classified within Structuralism, and he published many articles and polemics.


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van Eyck, Aldo

views updated May 29 2018

van Eyck, Aldo (1918–1999). See Eyck.