Aldhelm, St.

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Abbot, bishop, first notable Anglo-Saxon writer; b. c. 640; d. Doulting (Somerset), May 25, 709. Kinsman of ine, King of Wessex, he was educated by Maildubh, Irish founder of Malmesbury, and in Kent by the African Abbot hadrian, companion of St. theodore of canterbury. As abbot of Malmesbury (from c. 675) he rebuilt the church and monastery and made foundations at Frome and Bradford-on-Avon. When the Wessex Diocese was divided in 705, he ruled the western half (roughly Wiltshire, Dorset, and Somerset) while remaining abbot of Malmesbury. He built churches in his cathedral town of Sherborne and on his Dorset estates at Corfe and Wareham, near which a headland still bears his name. He was buried at Malmesbury, whose principal saint he remained for the Middle Ages, in spite of the short suspension of his cult by lanfranc.

His principal works include: De virginitate, a study of saints of the Bible and the early Church in both prose and verse; De metris et enigmatibus ac pedum regulis, a treatise on grammar; Letters, including one to the Britons on the date of Easter and one to the clerics of St. Wilfrid on loyalty in persecution; and Carmina ecclesiastica, a collection of religious poems. All of these were widely read in England and on the Continent until the eleventh century. Their turgid Latin influenced St. boniface and charter writers. King alfred highly praised his Anglo-Saxon poems, sung to harp accompaniment to attract hearers to church, but these have not survived. Highly esteemed by St. bede, Aldhelm's learning and piety inspired many followers, including William of Malmesbury.

Feast: May 23; May 28 (Dioceses of Clifton and Plymouth, and Southwark).

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