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Paul J. Sachs: (săks), 1878–1965, American art teacher and collector, b. New York City. As professor of fine arts at Harvard, Sachs influenced and inspired many art historians and curators during the years of growth in the history of American art museums. His major publications include Drawings in the Fogg Museum (3 vol., 1940) and Modern Prints and Drawings (1954). Part of Sach's graphic arts collection is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

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Bender, Paul (b Driedorf, 1875; d Munich, 1947). Ger. bass. Début Breslau 1900 (Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte); closely assoc. with Munich Opera until 1933 after his début there 1903. CG début 1914 (Amfortas in f. Eng. stage p. of Parsifal). NY Met 1922–7; Salzburg Fest. début 1926. Distinguished exponent of roles of Wotan, Sachs, Osmin, and Baron Ochs and of ballads of J. Loewe. Became teacher at Munich Mus. Sch.