Stanley, Thomas, 1st earl of Derby

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Stanley, Thomas, 1st earl of Derby (c.1435–1504). Thomas Stanley succeeded his father in 1459 as Baron Stanley and lord of the Isle of Man. He served as steward of the household to Edward IV and then to Richard III, who gave him the Garter. In December 1483 he was appointed constable of England for life. But his second wife, whom he married about 1482, was the widow of the earl of Richmond and mother of the future Henry VII. Before Bosworth, Richard suspected Stanley's fidelity and took his son Lord Strange as hostage. Stanley took no part in the battle and his younger brother Sir William Stanley intervened against Richard at a critical stage. Stanley is said to have placed the crown of England on Henry's head. His reward was speedy. He was made steward of the duchy of Lancaster and created earl. His brother's execution for treason in 1495 does not appear to have shaken his position.

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Derby, Thomas Stanley, 1st earl of

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Derby, Thomas Stanley, 1st earl of. See Stanley, Thomas.

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Thomas Stanley 1st earl of Derby

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