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Sophia Dorothea (sōfī´ə dŏrəthē´ə), 1666–1726, electress of Hanover, wife of Elector George Louis (later King George I of England); sometimes called Sophia Dorothea of Celle. Married to George in 1682, she bore him two children: George, later George II of England, and Sophia Dorothea, who became the wife of Frederick William I of Prussia. In 1694 she was accused of having an affair with Count Philipp Königsmark. Her presumed lover disappeared (probably murdered), and she herself was divorced and imprisoned for life. George I's harsh treatment of her was one major cause of the king's unpopularity in England.

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Sophia Dorothea (1666–1726). Divorced wife of George I. Sophia Dorothea married her cousin George in 1682, but in 1694 was surprised in a rendezvous with her lover Count Königsmarck. He was never seen again, and she was divorced and honourably confined at the castle of Ahlden in Celle until her death. Her infidelity allowed the Jacobites to imply that George's children might not have been his own.

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