Murray, Lord George

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Murray, Lord George (1694–1760). Jacobite general. A younger son of the 1st duke of Atholl, a Whig, but an opponent of the 1707 Union, Lord George returned from France to fight for the Jacobites in the '15 under the leadership of his eldest brother, the marquis of Tullibardine. Escaping to France after failing to secure an indemnity, he returned to Scotland with the Jacobite invasion of 1719. After further exile and service with the Sardinian army, he obtained a pardon and went back to Scotland.

He joined Prince Charles at Perth in August 1745. As lieutenant-general, he was the real Jacobite commander. To him goes the credit for victory at Prestonpans, for the retreat from England in the face of superior cavalry, and for the victories at Clifton and Falkirk. He fought bravely at Culloden, while disapproving of offering battle. He died in the Netherlands.

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