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-scope terminal el. repr. L. -scopium — Gr. -skópion (as in hōroscopium — hōroskǒpion casting of nativities), f. skopein observe (see prec.); extended in medL. use in microscopium MICROSCOPE and tēlescopium TELESCOPE, on the model of which have been formed terms denoting scientific instruments for enabling the eye or the ear to make observations, e.g. laryngoscope, stethoscope. The corr. adjs. end in -scopic, with advs. in -scopically (-LY2) and nouns of action in -scopy (-Y3).

views updated

-scope • comb. form denoting an instrument for observing, viewing, or examining: microscope telescope.

views updated

-scope combining form denoting an instrument for observing or examining.

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