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incisionabrasion, Australasian, equation, Eurasian, evasion, invasion, occasion, persuasion, pervasion, suasion, Vespasianadhesion, cohesion, Friesian, lesion •circumcision, collision, concision, decision, derision, division, elision, envision, excision, imprecision, incision, misprision, precisian, precision, provision, scission, vision •subdivision • television • Eurovision •LaserVision •corrosion, eclosion, erosion, explosion, implosion •allusion, collusion, conclusion, confusion, contusion, delusion, diffusion, effusion, exclusion, extrusion, fusion, illusion, inclusion, interfusion, intrusion, obtrusion, occlusion, preclusion, profusion, prolusion, protrusion, reclusion, seclusion, suffusion, transfusion •Monaghan • Belgian •Bajan, Cajun, contagion, TrajanGlaswegian, legion, Norwegian, region •irreligion, religion •Injun • Harijan • oxygen • antigen •sojourn • donjon • Georgian •theologian, Trojan •Rügen •bludgeon, curmudgeon, dudgeon, gudgeon, trudgen •dungeon • glycogen • halogen •collagen • Imogen • carcinogen •hallucinogen • androgen •oestrogen (US estrogen) •hydrogen • nitrogen •burgeon, sturgeon, surgeon

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in·ci·sion / inˈsizhən/ • n. a surgical cut made in skin or flesh: an abdominal incision. ∎  a mark or decoration cut into a surface: a block of marble delicately decorated with incisions. ∎  the action or process of cutting into something: the method is associated with less blood loss during incision. DERIVATIVES: in·ci·sion·al / -zhənl/ adj.

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incision (in-si zh-ŏn) n.
1. the surgical cutting of soft tissues, such as skin or muscle, with a knife or scalpel. bladder neck i. incision through the bladder neck and prostate to relieve lower urinary tract symptoms.

2. the cut so made.