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Founded in 1978, this volunteer grass-roots organization (P.O. Box 520, Schenectady, NY 12301; 518-372-0034) is devoted to efforts to deter impaired driving, help victims seek justice and restitution, close loopholes in DWI (driving while impaired) laws, and educate the public on the scope of impaired-driving tragedies. RID activists have played a key role in the passage of reforms of the impaired-driving laws in many states, enabled passage of more than 500 anti-DWI laws, and monitored more than 15,000 court cases.

RID's victim-support activities, which are free, include providing long-term emotional support to victims of drunk-driving crashes and to their families; counseling victims and accompanying them throughout all phases of criminal prosecution of the offender; assisting victims in obtaining compensation; and referring victims and their families to appropriate supportive agencies. Court monitoring and research activities include monitoring the efforts of police, prosecutors, magistrates, and judges in drunk-driving cases through research and analysis of local court records, and reporting these findings to the public. RID's public awareness and education activities are extensive. Members organize public meetings; present educational talks to community and religious organizations; participate in forums, exhibits, and media events; supplement high school driver-education classes; and support SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) and other similar student groups. They study and report on alcohol-related vehicle and traffic laws; support concepts such as designated-driver and alcohol-server education, and promote SNAP (a Sane National Alcohol Policy), which advocates raising taxes on alcohol, curbing campus beer promotions, and airing public-service advertising to counter all broadcast alcohol commercials.

RID is organized into autonomous chapters, with more than 150 chapters in at least forty-one states in the United States and a national group in France. Financial support comes from member dues, government and corporate grants, charitable contributions, and memorial gifts. Information on how to organize a RID chapter is available from the national office in Schenectady, New York.

(See also: Accidents and Injuries from Alcohol ; Dramshop Liability Laws ; Drunk Driving ; Mothers Against Drunk Driving )

Faith K. Jaffe

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