Ricks, Christopher

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RICKS, Christopher

RICKS, Christopher. British, b. 1933. Genres: Literary criticism and history. Career: Boston University, Professor of the Humanities, 1997-, professor of English, 1986-97. General Ed., Penguin English Poets. Co-Ed., Essays in Criticism. Fellow and Tutor, Worcester College, Oxford, and Lecturer, Oxford University, 1958-68; Professor of English, University of Bristol, 1968-75, and Cambridge University, 1975-86. Publications: Milton's Grand Style, 1963; Tennyson, 1972; Keats and Embarrassment, 1974; The Force of Poetry, 1984; T.S. Eliot and Prejudice, 1988; Beckett's Dying Words, 1993; Essays in Appreciation, 1996. EDITOR: Dissertation Upon English Typographical Founders and Foundries, 1962; Poems and Critics: An Anthology of Poetry and Criticism from Shakespeare to Hardy, 1966; A.E. Housman: A Collection of Critical Essays, 1968; The Poems of Tennyson, 1969, 1987; Milton's Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained, 1968; English Poetry and Prose 1540-1674, 1970; English Drama to 1710, 1971; Selected Criticism of Matthew Arnold, 1972; The State of the Language, 1980, 1990; The New Oxford Book of Victorian Verse, 1987; A.E. Housman: Collected Poetry and Selected Prose, 1987; The Faber Book of America, 1992; T.S. Eliot: Inventions of the March Hare, 1996; The Oxford Book of English Verse, 1999. Address: Editorial Institute, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A.