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hy·per·tro·phy / hīˈpərtrəfē/ • n. Physiol. the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells. ∎  excessive growth. • v. (-phies, -phied) [intr.] (of a body or an organ) become enlarged due to an increase in cell size. DERIVATIVES: hy·per·troph·ic / ˌhīpərˈträfik; -ˈtrō-/ adj. hy·per·troph·ied / -trəfēd/ adj.

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hypertrophy (hypertrophia) (hy-per-trŏ-fi) n. increase in the size of a tissue or organ brought about by the enlargement of its cells rather than by cell multiplication. See also (hypertrophic) cardiomyopathy. Compare hyperplasia, neoplasia.
hypertrophic adj.

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hypertrophy An increase in the size of a tissue or organ due to an increase in the size of its component cells. Hypertrophy often occurs in response to an increased workload in an organ, which may result from malfunction or disease. Compare hyperplasia.