views updated May 18 2018

post- comb. form of POST6 as in post-communion (liturg.) part of the Eucharistic service following the communion XV (— medL.); post-date affix a later date to XVII; post-obit taking effect after a person's death XVIII; postpone put off, defer XVI; place after XVII (orig. Sc. — L. postpōnere; so postposition †(Sc.) postponement; placing after XVII); postprandial occurring after dinner XIX (L. prandium); postscript something added after the signature to a letter XVI (— L. postscriptum, sb. use of n. pp. of postscrībere).


views updated May 08 2018

post- From the Latin post meaning ‘after’, a prefix meaning ‘after’, ‘behind’, or ‘later’.


views updated May 21 2018

post- prefix denoting
1. following; after.

2. (in anatomy) behind.