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de·liv·er·y / diˈlivərē/ • n. (pl. -er·ies) 1. the action of delivering letters, packages, or ordered goods. ∎  a regular or scheduled occasion for this. ∎  an item or items delivered on a particular occasion. ∎  Law the formal or symbolic handing over of property, esp. a sealed deed, to a grantee or third party.2. the process of giving birth: most deliveries take place in a hospital. 3. an act of throwing or bowling a ball or striking a blow. ∎  the style or manner of such an action: hints to speed up his delivery.4. the manner or style of giving a speech: her delivery was stilted.5. the supply or provision of something: delivery of electricity.


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The transfer of possession of real property orpersonal propertyfrom one person to another.

Two elements of a valid gift are delivery and donative intent. Delivery is not restricted to the actual physical transfer of an item—in some cases delivery may be symbolic. Such is the case where one person gives land to another person. Land cannot be physically delivered, but delivery of the deed constitutes the transfer if coupled with the requisite intent to pass the land on to another.

Similarly, delivery can take place in a situation where goods are set apart and notice is given to whoever is scheduled to receive them. This is known as constructive delivery.


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delivery (di-liv-ĕri) n. see labour.