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be·nign / biˈnīn/ • adj. 1. gentle; kindly: her face was calm and benign. ∎  (of a climate or environment) mild and favorable: ∎  not harmful to the environment: [in comb.] an ozone-benign refrigerant. 2. Med. (of a disease) not harmful in effect: in particular, (of a tumor) not malignant. DERIVATIVES: be·nign·ly adv.

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benignalign, assign, benign, brine, chine, cline, combine, condign, confine, consign, dine, divine, dyne, enshrine, entwine, fine, frontline, hardline, interline, intertwine, kine, Klein, line, Main, malign, mine, moline, nine, on-line, opine, outshine, pine, Rhein, Rhine, shine, shrine, sign, sine, spine, spline, stein, Strine, swine, syne, thine, tine, trine, twine, Tyne, underline, undermine, vine, whine, wine •Sabine • carbine • Holbein • woodbine •concubine • columbine • turbine •sardine • Aldine • muscadine •celandine • anodyne • androgyne

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benign XIV. — (O)F, bénigne fem., bénin masc. :- L. benigna, -us, f. roots of bonus good and gignere beget (see KIN). Cf. MALIGN.
So benignant XVIII. benignity XIV. — OF. or L.

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benign (bi-nyn) adj.
1. describing a tumour that is not cancerous.

2. describing any disorder or condition that does not produce harmful effects. Compare malignant.

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