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sal·ly / ˈsalē/ • n. (pl. -lies) a sudden charge out of a besieged place against the enemy; a sortie. ∎  a brief journey or sudden start into activity. ∎  a witty or lively remark, esp. one made as an attack or as a diversion in an argument; a retort. • v. (-lies, -lied) [intr.] make a military sortie: they sallied out to harass the enemy. ∎ formal or humorous set out from a place to do something: I made myself presentable and sallied forth. sal·ly2 • n. (pl. -lies) the part of a bell rope that has colored wool woven into it to provide a grip for the bell-ringer's hands.

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sallyAli, alley, Allie, Ally, bally, dally, dilly-dally, farfalle, galley, Halley, mallee, Mexicali, pally, Raleigh, rally, reveille, sally, tally, valley •Chablis • brambly •badly, Bradley, Hadlee, madly, sadly •scraggly •dangly, gangly •crackly • Shankly • Bramley •Manley, manly, Osmanli, Stanley •slatternly •Langley, tangly •amply • Ashley •Attlee, fatly, patly •aptly • shilly-shally •Bali, barley, Cali, Carly, Charlie, Dali, Diwali, finale, gnarly, Gurkhali, Kali, Kigali, Mali, Marley, marly, Pali, parley, snarly, Somali, Svengali, tamale •Barclay, Berkeley, clerkly, sparkly •Darnley • ghastly • Hartley • Barnsley •blackguardly

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1. As salient.

2. Notch cut in the end of a piece of timber used at the lower ends of inclined timbers, e.g. rafters.

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sally sortie from a besieged place XVI; sudden start or outburst XVII; sprightly remark XVIII. — (O)F. saillie, sb. use of fem. pp. of saillir issue forth, refash. of OF. salir leap :- L. salīre.
Hence vb. XVI.

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