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pa·rade / pəˈrād/ • n. 1. a public procession, esp. one celebrating a special day or event and including marching bands and floats. ∎  a formal march or gathering of troops for inspection or display. ∎  a series of people or things appearing or being displayed one after the other: the parade of Hollywood celebrities who troop onto his show. ∎  a distasteful manifestation of a particular quality or kind of behavior: the parade of lunacy and corruption will continue. 2. a parade ground. ∎ Brit. a public square or promenade. ∎ Brit. a row of stores: a shopping parade. • v. [intr.] walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way: officers will parade through the town center. ∎  [tr.] walk or march in such a way along (the streets of a town): carefree young men were parading the streets. ∎  [tr.] display (someone or something) while marching or moving around a place: revolutionary guards paraded him through the streets. ∎  [tr.] display (something) publicly in order to impress or attract attention: he paraded his knowledge. ∎  (parade as) appear falsely as; masquerade as: these untruths parading as history. ∎  (of troops) assemble for a formal inspection or ceremonial occasion: the recruits were due to parade that day. PHRASES: on parade taking part in a parade. ∎  on public display: politicians are always on parade. DERIVATIVES: pa·rad·er n.

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paradeabrade, afraid, aid, aide, ambuscade, arcade, balustrade, barricade, Belgrade, blade, blockade, braid, brigade, brocade, cannonade, carronade, cascade, cavalcade, cockade, colonnade, crusade, dissuade, downgrade, enfilade, esplanade, evade, fade, fusillade, glade, grade, grenade, grillade, handmade, harlequinade, homemade, invade, jade, lade, laid, lemonade, limeade, made, maid, man-made, marinade, masquerade, newlaid, orangeade, paid, palisade, parade, pasquinade, persuade, pervade, raid, serenade, shade, Sinéad, spade, staid, stockade, stock-in-trade, suede, tailor-made, they'd, tirade, trade, Ubaid, underpaid, undismayed, unplayed, unsprayed, unswayed, upbraid, upgrade, wade •nightshade • renegade • decade •Medicaid • motorcade • switchblade •Adelaide • accolade • rollerblade •marmalade • razor blade • handmaid •barmaid • Teasmade • milkmaid •dairymaid • bridesmaid • housemaid •chambermaid •parlourmaid (US parlormaid) •mermaid • nursemaid • escapade •ram raid • centigrade • multigrade •comrade • retrograde • lampshade •eyeshade • sunshade

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parade show, display; mustering of troops for inspection, etc.; place of such assembly; public square or promenade; †parry. XVII. — F. — Sp. parada :- Rom. *parāta, sb. use of fem. pp. of L. parāre PREPARE, with various specific applications in Rom.; see -ADE.
Hence vb. XVII.

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Parade. ‘Ballet réaliste’ in 1 act with mus. by Satie to lib. by Cocteau, choreog. Massine, décor Picasso. Prod. Paris 1917 ( Diaghilev's Ballet Russe, cast incl. Lopokova and Massine).

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Parade ★★★ 1974

A series of vignettes in a circus, “Parade” is actually a play within a play, meshing the action with events offstage. 85m/C VHS . FR Jacques Tati; D: Jacques Tati; W: Jacques Tati.

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1. Place (parade-ground) where troops assemble for parade.

2. Level space forming the interior or enclosed area of a fortification.

3. Public square or promenade.

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a procession of animals or people; an assembly of people, especially of promenaders. See also cortège, procession.

Examples : parade of coaches, 1673; of elephants; of firemen; of promenaders; of soldiers, 1656.