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prom·e·nade / ˌpräməˈnād; -ˈnäd/ • n. 1. a paved public walk, typically one along a waterfront at a resort. ∎  a leisurely walk, or sometimes a ride or drive, typically one taken in a public place so as to meet or be seen by others: she went on a promenade with Jules. ∎  (in country dancing) a movement in which couples follow one another in a given direction, each couple having both hands joined.2. archaic term for prom (sense 1).• v. [intr.] take a leisurely walk, ride, or drive in public, esp. to meet or be seen by others: women who promenaded in the Bois de Boulogne. ∎  [tr.] take such a walk through (a place): people began to promenade the streets. ∎  [tr.] dated escort (someone) about a place, esp. so as to be seen by others: the governor of Utah promenades the daughter of the Maryland governor.DERIVATIVES: prom·e·nad·er n.


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1. A place for walking or ‘promenading’, especially a paved public walk for social promenades.

2. Walk-way, often on obsolete (or on the site of) town fortifications, laid out, gravelled or paved, and shaded with trees, also called boulevard, an early form of public park.

3. Specially constructed walkway above a beach for recreational walks, as in numerous C19 seaside resorts.


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promenade walk taken for exercise or amusement XVI (purmenade, -ado); place for this XVII. — F. promenade, f. se promener walk, refl. of promener cause to walk, alt. of pourmener, f. pour (:— L. prō PRO-1) + mener lead; see -ADE.
Hence vb. XVI.