views updated May 18 2018

in·set • n. / ˈinˌset/ a thing that is put in or inserted: a pair of doors with their original stained-glass insets. ∎  a small picture or map inserted within the border of a larger one. ∎  a section of fabric or needlework inserted into the material of a garment: elastic insets in the waistband. ∎  an insert in a magazine or similar publication.• v. / inˈset/ (-set·ting; past and past part. -set or -set·ted) (usu. be inset) put in (something, esp. a small picture or map) as an inset: type in the text to be inset. ∎  decorate with an inset: tables inset with ceramic tiles.DERIVATIVES: in·set·ter n.


views updated May 29 2018

inset leaf or sheet inserted. XIX. f. pp. inset, i.e. set in; see IN1, SET1.


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INSET (or Inset) (ˈɪnsɛt) Education inservice training