wind instrument

views updated May 17 2018

wind in·stru·ment / wind/ • n. a musical instrument in which sound is produced by the vibration of air, typically by the player blowing into the instrument. ∎  a woodwind instrument as distinct from a brass instrument.

wind instrument

views updated May 23 2018

wind instrument Musical instrument that is sounded by blowing, which sets the air inside it vibrating. Wind instruments may be classified into two types: woodwind and brass.

wind instruments

views updated May 11 2018

wind instruments. Those mus. instrs. in which sound is produced by vibrations of a column of air set in motion by the perf.'s blowing. Two main categories are woodwind (not all made of wood) and brass (not all made of brass), e.g. fl., picc., ob., cl., bn., among former; hn., tpt., tb., tuba, among latter. An org. is not a wind instr. in the sense defined here, since the air is mechanically impelled.