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1. Late 16th-cent. instr. of end-blown fl. type, with 4 finger-holes and 2 thumb-holes, ‘invented’ by Sieur de Juvigny of Paris, c.1581. The name has also been applied to earlier instr. of the end-blown fipple type of pipe. Handel wrote for the true flageolet in Rinaldo.

2. Soft organ stop of 2′ length and pitch.

3. flageolet notes is a term applied to harmonics on a str. instr., produced by light stopping of the str. at natural points of vibration, and so called because the resultant high thin sound is said to resemble that of the flageolet.


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flageolet Small green variety of haricot bean. See bean, haricot.


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flageolet XVII. — F., dim. of OF. flag(e)ol (whence ME. flagel XIV) — Pr. flaujol, of unkn. orig.; see -ET.


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larigot (old name for flageolet). Org. stop; same as nineteenth.