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tune / t(y)oōn/ • n. a melody, esp. one that characterizes a certain piece of music: she left the theater humming a cheerful tune. • v. [tr.] adjust (a musical instrument) to the correct or uniform pitch: he tuned the harp for me. ∎  adjust (a receiver circuit such as a radio or television) to the frequency of the required signal: the radio was tuned to the CBC | [intr.] they tuned in to watch the game. ∎  (often tune up) adjust (an engine) or balance (mechanical parts) so that a vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently: the suspension was tuned for a softer ride | fig. state officials have been tuning up an emergency plan. ∎  (usu. be tuned) fig. adjust or adapt (something) to a particular purpose or situation: the animals are finely tuned to life in the desert. ∎  [intr.] (tune into) fig. become sensitive to: you must tune into the needs of loved ones. PHRASES: be tuned in inf. be aware of, sensitive to, or able to understand something: it's important to be tuned in to your child's needs. call the tunesee call. change one's tunesee change. in (or out of) tune with correct (or incorrect) pitch or intonation. ∎  (of an engine or other machine) properly (or poorly) adjusted. ∎ fig. in (or not in) agreement or harmony: he was out of tune with conventional belief. to the tune of inf. amounting to or involving (a specified considerable sum): he was in debt to the tune of forty thousand pounds.PHRASAL VERBS: tune out inf. stop listening or paying attention. tune something out exclude a sound or transmission of a particular frequency. tune up (of a musician) adjust one's instrument to the correct or uniform pitch.DERIVATIVES: tun·a·ble (also tune·a·ble) adj.tun·ing n.

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tuneafternoon, attune, autoimmune, baboon, balloon, bassoon, bestrewn, boon, Boone, bridoon, buffoon, Cameroon, Cancún, cardoon, cartoon, Changchun, cocoon, commune, croon, doubloon, dragoon, dune, festoon, galloon, goon, harpoon, hoon, immune, importune, impugn, Irgun, jejune, June, Kowloon, lagoon, lampoon, loon, macaroon, maroon, monsoon, moon, Muldoon, noon, oppugn, picayune, platoon, poltroon, pontoon, poon, prune, puccoon, raccoon, Rangoon, ratoon, rigadoon, rune, saloon, Saskatoon, Sassoon, Scone, soon, spittoon, spoon, swoon, Troon, tune, tycoon, typhoon, Walloon •fortune, misfortune •vodun • veldskoen • honeymoon •forenoon • tablespoon • teaspoon •soupspoon • dessertspoon • Neptune •tribune • triune • opportune

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tune there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle someone's abilities do not depend on their being young; proverbial saying, early 20th century.

See also change one's tune, dance to someone's tune, why should the Devil have all the best tunes at devil, he that lives in hope dances to an ill tune, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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1. As noun. Melody.

2. Upper part of any simple comp.

3. As verb. To est. correct intonation of an instr., e.g. to tune a pf. so that it is ‘in tune’.

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tune †sound, tone; air, melody XIV; proper intonation or pitch XV. ME. tune, tewne, unexpl. var. of TONE.

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