Tune in Tomorrow

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Tune in Tomorrow ★★ 1990 (PG-13)

Lovesick young Martin (Reeves) wants to woo divorced older babe auntbymarriage Julia (Hershey) and is romantically counseled by wacky soap opera writer Pedro (Falk). Seems even soap operas draw on real life, and Martin's story is immortalized on the airwaves, circa 1951 New Orleans. The storywithinastory also features Pedro's radio characters coming to hammy life. Sometimes funny, sometimes not (the Albanian jokes are tiresome). Adapted from the novel “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter” by Mario Vargas Llosa. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Barbara Hershey, Keanu Reeves, Peter Falk, Bill McCutcheon, Patricia Clarkson, Peter Gallagher, Dan Hedaya, Buck Henry, Hope Lange, John Larroquette, Elizabeth McGovern, Robert Sedgwick, Henry Gibson; D: Jon Amiel; W: William Boyd; C: Robert M. Stevens; M: Wynton Marsalis.