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tonguing •hanging • headbanging •straphanging • cliffhanging •mud-slinging • gunslinging •bell-ringing • upbringing • longing •tonguing •tapping, wrapping •camping • kneecapping •backslapping •kidnapping (US kidnaping) •helping •scraping, shaping •safekeeping, sweeping, unsleeping •gamekeeping • station-keeping •greenkeeping • peacekeeping •wicketkeeping • timekeeping •shopkeeping • housekeeping •goalkeeping • bookkeeping •minesweeping •chipping, clipping, dripping, snipping, whipping •dropping, sopping, stopping, topping •clodhopping • show-stopping •wife-swapping •coping, roping •grouping • showjumping

views updated

tonguing. Use of the tongue to articulate certain notes in playing of wind instr. Thus, single-, double-, and triple-tonguing refer to increasingly fast playing. flutter-tonguing (Ger. Flatterzunge) is used chiefly by flautists, but occasionally by clarinettists and trumpeters, for a trilling effect required by composers from R. Strauss and Mahler to the present day.

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