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con·sec·u·tive / kənˈsekyətiv/ • adj. following continuously: five consecutive months of serious decline. ∎  in unbroken or logical sequence. ∎  Gram. expressing consequence or result: a consecutive clause. ∎  Mus. denoting intervals of the same kind (esp. fifths or octaves) occurring in succession between two parts or voices. DERIVATIVES: con·sec·u·tive·ly adv. con·sec·u·tive·ness n.

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consecutive. Applied to harmonic intervals of the same size which succeed one another in the same parts or vv. Academic condemnation was reserved for consecutive fifths and consecutive octaves. In both intervals, the component notes are in the closest relationship to each other so that if they are used consecutively, they may both sound as one. Many 20th-cent. composers use consecutive 5ths to splendid effect. Hidden fifths are consecutive 5ths believed to be implied, i.e. the progression in similar motion of two parts to a perfect 5th (or octave) from such an interval in the same 2 parts in the previous chord, so that it may be imagined there is also an intermediate 5th (or octave).

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