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au·thor / ˈô[unvoicedth]ər/ (abbr.: auth.) • n. a writer of a book, article, or report. ∎  someone who writes books as a profession. ∎  the writings of such a person: I had to read authors I disliked. ∎ fig. an originator or creator of something, esp. a plan or idea: the authors of the peace plan. • v. [tr.] be the author of (a book or piece of writing): she has authored several articles on wildlife. ∎ fig. be the originator of; create: the concept has been authored largely by insurance companies. DERIVATIVES: au·tho·ri·al / ôˈ[unvoicedth]ôrēəl/ adj. ORIGIN: Middle English (in the sense ‘a person who invents or causes something’): from Old French autor, from Latin auctor, from augere ‘increase, originate, promote.’ The spelling with th arose in the 15th cent., and perhaps became established under the influence of authentic.

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author originator, inventor; composer of a book, etc. XIV. ME. au(c)tour -AN. au(c)tour, OF. autor (mod. auteur) — L. auctor, -ōr-, f. auct-, augēre increase (cf. AUGMENT).
Hence authoress XV. So authority XIII. ME. autorite (hence authoritative XVII). authorize XIV.

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