views updated Jun 08 2018

in·ter·rog·a·tive / ˌintəˈrägətiv/ • adj. having or conveying the force of a question: a hard, interrogative stare. ∎ Gram. used in questions: an interrogative adverb. Contrasted with affirmative and negative.• n. a word used in questions, such as how or what. ∎  a construction that has the force of a question.DERIVATIVES: in·ter·rog·a·tive·ly adv.


views updated May 18 2018

INTERROGATIVE. In GRAMMAR, the structure through which questions are asked, and a term used in the classification of sentence types, in contrast with declarative, imperative, etc. It is often used interchangeably with QUESTION, but some grammarians keep interrogative as a category of form and question as a category of meaning, while others do the reverse. The sentence Can I borrow your pen? is interrogative in form, but is a directive in meaning, requesting the listener to lend the pen.