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hyphenateagnate, magnate •incarnate, khanate •impregnate •coordinate, subordinate •decaffeinate • paginate • originate •oxygenate •cachinnate, machinate •pollinate •contaminate, laminate •disseminate, ingeminate, inseminate •discriminate, eliminate, incriminate, recriminate •abominate, dominate, nominate •illuminate, ruminate •fulminate • culminate •exterminate, germinate, terminate, verminate •marinate • peregrinate • indoctrinate •chlorinate • urinate •assassinate, deracinate, fascinate •vaccinate • hallucinate • Latinate •procrastinate • predestinate •agglutinate • rejuvenate • resinate •designate • cognate • neonate •lunate • alienate • carbonate •hibernate • odonate • hyphenate •emanate •impersonate, personate •fractionate • detonate • intonate •consternate • alternate • Italianate •resonate

views updated

hy·phen·ate / ˈhīfəˌnāt/ • v. [tr.] write with a hyphen: [as adj.] (hyphenated) a hyphenated surname. • n. a person who is active in more than one occupation or sphere: as a supreme hyphenate, she was prepared to carry a heavy load as the director-producer-star of her new film. DERIVATIVES: hy·phen·a·tion / ˌhīfəˈnāshən/ n.

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