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eventant, Brabant, Brandt, brant, cant, enceinte, extant, gallant, Kant, levant, pant, pointe, pointes, rant, scant •confidant • commandant • hierophant •Rembrandt • Amirante •gallivant •aren't, aslant, aunt, can't, chant, courante, détente, enchant, entente, grant, implant, Nantes, plant, shan't, slant, supplant, transplant, underplant •plainchant • ashplant • eggplant •house plant • restaurant •debutant, debutante •absent, accent, anent, ascent, assent, augment, bent, cement, cent, circumvent, consent, content, dent, event, extent, ferment, foment, forewent, forwent, frequent, gent, Ghent, Gwent, lament, leant, lent, meant, misrepresent, misspent, outwent, pent, percent, pigment, rent, scent, segment, sent, spent, stent, Stoke-on-Trent, Tashkent, tent, torment, Trent, underspent, underwent, vent, went •orient • comment • portent •malcontent

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e·vent / iˈvent/ • n. a thing that happens, esp. one of importance. ∎  a planned public or social occasion: events to raise money for charity. ∎  each of several particular contests making up a sports competition: a star sprinter in the 100- and 200-meter events. ∎  Physics a single occurrence of a process, e.g., the ionization of one atom. PHRASES: in any event (or at all events) whatever happens or may have happened: in any event, there was one promise the trickster did keep.

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event outcome, issue; anything that happens. XVI. — L. ēventus, f. ēvent-, pp. stem of ēvenĩre come out, result, happen, f. E- + venĩre COME.
Hence, or direct from L. ēventus, eventual †pert. to an event or events; that will take effect in certain contingencies XVII. eventuate XVIII. orig. U.S.