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dust·y / ˈdəstē/ • adj. (dust·i·er, dust·i·est) covered with, full of, or resembling dust: dusty old records | a hot, dusty road. ∎  (of a color) dull or muted: patches of pale gold and dusty pink. ∎ fig. staid and uninteresting: a dusty old bore.DERIVATIVES: dust·i·ly / ˈdəstəlē/ adv.dust·i·ness n.


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Dusty ★★ 1985

Touching story of a wild dingo dog raised by an Australian rancher and trained to herd sheep. Filmed in the Australian bush and based on the children's book by Frank Dalby Davison. 89m/C VHS . AU Bill Kerr, Noel Trevarthen, Carol Burns, Nicholas Holland, John Stanton; D: John Richardson.