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droop·y / ˈdroōpē/ • adj. (droop·i·er , droop·i·est ) hanging down limply; drooping: a droopy mustache. ∎  lacking strength or spirit: the girls looked rather droopy | fig. a period of droopy sales. DERIVATIVES: droop·i·ly / -pəlē/ adv. droop·i·ness n.

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droopycroupy, droopy, goopy, groupie, loopy, pupae, roupy, snoopy, soupy, Tupi •whoopee •duppy, guppy, puppy, yuppie •gulpy, pulpy •bumpy, clumpy, dumpy, frumpy, grumpy, humpy, jumpy, lumpy, plumpy, rumpy-pumpy, scrumpy, stumpy •hiccupy • chirrupy • calliope •pericope • syncope •colonoscopy, horoscopy, microscopy, stereoscopy •Penelope • canopy • satrapy •lycanthropy, misanthropy, philanthropy •aromatherapy, chemotherapy, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, radiotherapy, therapy •entropy • syrupy (US sirupy) • chirpy

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