Drop Dead Sexy

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Drop Dead Sexy ★★½ 2005 (R)

The ick factor seems high but it's more comic/thriller than disturbing. Frank (Lee) and Eddie (Glover) are a couple of smalltime Texas losers: Frank works for a used car dealer, Eddie is a gravedigger, and both moonlight for thug Spider (Vince) to whom they owe money. After seeing the obit of Crystal (Keller), the beautiful blonde wife of the richest man (Berkeley) in town, Frank learns she's been buried with an expensive necklace. He convinces Eddie to dig up the body, only to find the necklace missing. They also can't immediately rebury the corpse. So Eddie takes the body home for safekeeping while Frank tries to come up with another plan. 83m/C DVD . Jason Lee, Crispin Glover, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Xander Berkeley, Melissa Keller, Brad Dourif, Lin Shaye; D: Michael Philip; W: Michael Philip; C: Thomas Callaway; M: Deborah Lurie.