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droop / droōp/ • v. [intr.] bend or hang downward limply: a long black cloak drooped from his shoulders. ∎  sag down from or as if from weariness or dejection: his eyelids drooped and he became drowsy | fig. the scenes are so lengthy that the reader's spirits droop. ∎  [tr.] cause to bend or hang downward: James hid his face in his hands and drooped his head. • n. [in sing.] an act or instance of drooping; a limp or weary attitude: the exhausted droop of her shoulders.

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droopbloop, cock-a-hoop, coop, croup, droop, drupe, dupe, goop, group, Guadeloupe, hoop, loop, poop, recoup, roup, scoop, sloop, snoop, soup, stoep, stoop, stoup, stupe, swoop, troop, troupe, whoop •hula-hoop • cantaloupe • nincompoop •playgroup • subgroup • peer group

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droop XIII. ME. dr(o)upe — ON. drūpa hover, hang the head for sorrow, rel. to next.

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