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dread / dred/ • v. [tr.] anticipate with great apprehension or fear: Jane was dreading the party | I dread to think what Russell will say. ∎ archaic regard with great awe or reverence. • n. 1. great fear or apprehension: the thought of returning to New Jersey filled her with dread | [in sing.] I used to have a dread of Sunday afternoons. 2. inf. a person with dreadlocks. ∎  (dreads) dreadlocks. • adj. greatly feared; dreadful: he was stricken with the dread disease and died. ∎ archaic regarded with awe; greatly revered: that dread being we dare oppose.

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dread vb. XII. ME. drēden, aphetic of OE. adrǣdan, late form of ondrǣdan = OS. antdrādan, OHG. intrātan, f. ond-, and-, (as in ANSWER) + a WGmc. base of obscure orig.
Hence sb. XII. dreadnought thick coat worn in rough weather XIX; specially powerful type of battleship XX.