Dream for an Insomniac

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Dream for an Insomniac ★½ 1996 (R)

Irritating characters put the kib-bosh on this attempt at twentysomething romantic comedy. Whiny would-be actress Frankie (Skye) works at her Uncle Leo's (Cassel) cafe and hangs out with assorted, equally whiny friends. Frankie seems more interested in finding the “perfect” boyfriend than a career anyway and her interest is sparked by new guy David (a sweet Astin). Lots of overacting. Debut for writer/director DeBartolo. 108m/C VHS, DVD . Ione Skye, MacKenzie Astin, Jennifer Aniston, Seymour Cassel, Michael Landes, Robert Kelker-Kelly; D: Tiffanie DeBartolo; W: Tiffanie DeBartolo; C: Guillermo Navarro; M: John Laraio.