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dis·en·fran·chise / ˌdisenˈfranchīz/ (also dis·fran·chise / disˈfranchīz/ ) • v. [tr.] deprive (someone) of the right to vote: the law disenfranchised some 3,000 voters on the basis of a residence qualification. ∎  [as adj.] (disenfranchised) deprived of power; marginalized: a hard core of kids who are disenfranchised and don't feel connected to the school. ∎  deprive (someone) of a right or privilege: the move would disenfranchise the disabled from using the town center. ∎  archaic deprive (someone) of the rights and privileges of a free inhabitant of a borough, city, or country. DERIVATIVES: dis·en·fran·chise·ment n.

views updated

disenfranchiseadvise, apprise, apprize, arise, assize, capsize, chastise, comprise, demise, despise, devise, downsize, excise, flies, guise, incise, low-rise, misprize, outsize, previse, prise, prize, remise, revise, rise, size, surmise, surprise, uprise, wise •archaize • heroize • ghettoize •Judaize • bye-byes • disenfranchise •propagandize • periodize • iodize •merchandise • melodize •gourmandize • methodize •anthropomorphize • apostrophize •elegize • analogize • syllogize •anthologize, mythologize, psychologize, tautologize, theologize •hierarchize