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de·ment·ed / diˈmentid/ • adj. suffering from dementia. ∎ inf. driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement: a demented and sadistic Mafioso. DERIVATIVES: de·ment·ed·ly adv. de·ment·ed·ness n.

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demented XVI. f. dēmentātus, pp. of late L. dēmentāre, f. dēmēns, -ent-, f. DE- 6 + mēns, ment- MIND; see -ED 1.

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Demented ★ 1980 (R)

Beautiful and talented woman is brutally gang-raped by four men, but her revenge is sweet and deadly as she entices each to bed and gives them a big dose of their own medicine. All-too-familiar plot offers nothing new. 92m/C VHS . Sallee Elyse, Bruce Gilchrist; D: Arthur Jeffreys, Alex Rebar; W: Alex Rebar.

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