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deludeallude, brood, collude, conclude, crude, delude, dude, elude, étude, exclude, extrude, exude, feud, food, illude, include, intrude, Jude, lewd, mood, nude, obtrude, occlude, Oudh, preclude, protrude, prude, pseud, pultrude, rood, rude, seclude, shrewd, snood, transude, unglued, unsubdued, who'd, you'd •habitude •magnitude • seafood • wholefood •Quaalude • postlude • interlude •Ermintrude • Gertrude • unvalued •prelude • quietude • hebetude •longitude • amplitude •similitude, verisimilitude •solitude • plenitude • finitude •decrepitude • turpitude • pulchritude •crassitude, lassitude •solicitude, vicissitude •attitude, beatitude, gratitude, latitude, platitude •exactitude • sanctitude • aptitude •rectitude • ineptitude • promptitude •fortitude • multitude • certitude •servitude • consuetude

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de·lude / diˈloōd/ • v. [tr.] impose a misleading belief upon (someone); deceive; fool: too many theorists have deluded the public | [as adj.] (deluded) the poor deluded creature. DERIVATIVES: de·lud·ed·ly adv. de·lud·er n.

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delude XV. — L. dēlūdere play false, mock, f. DE- 4 + lūdere play, f. lūdus play, game.
So delusion XV. — late L. delusive XVII, delusory XV. f. dēlūs-, pp. stem of the vb.

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