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con·fuse / kənˈfyoōz/ • v. [tr.] cause (someone) to become bewildered or perplexed. ∎  make (something) more complex or less easy to understand. ∎  identify wrongly; mistake: purchasers might confuse the two products. DERIVATIVES: con·fus·ing·ly adv.

views updated

confuseabuse, accuse, adieux, amuse, bemuse, billets-doux, blues, booze, bruise, choose, Clews, confuse, contuse, cruise, cruse, Cruz, diffuse, do's, Druze, effuse, enthuse, excuse, fuse (US fuze), Hughes, incuse, interfuse, lose, Mahfouz, mews, misuse, muse, news, ooze, Ouse, perfuse, peruse, rhythm-and-blues, ruse, schmooze, snooze, suffuse, Toulouse, transfuse, trews, use, Vaduz, Veracruz, who's, whose, youse •Andrews •Matthews • circumfuse • Syracuse •purlieux