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clo·ver·leaf / ˈklōvərˌlēf/ • n. a junction of roads intersecting at different levels with connecting sections forming the pattern of a four-leaf clover. • adj. having a shape or pattern resembling a leaf of clover, esp. a four-leaf clover: cloverleaf rolls.

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cloverleafaperitif, beef, belief, brief, chief, enfeoff, fief, grief, interleaf, leaf, Leif, lief, Mazar-e-Sharif, misbelief, motif, naif, O'Keeffe, reef, seif, Sharif, sheaf, shereef, sportif, Tenerife, thief •tea leaf • fig leaf • bas-relief • flyleaf •drop-leaf • broadleaf • cloverleaf •massif • leitmotif

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