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brink / bringk/ • n. an extreme edge of land before a steep or vertical slope: the brink of the cliffs. ∎  a margin or bank of a body of water: the brink of the pond. ∎  a point at which something, typically an unwelcome or disastrous event, is about to happen: a hapless dictator teetering on the brink. PHRASES: on the brink of about to experience something, typically a disastrous or unwelcome event: the country was on the brink of a constitutional crisis.

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brinkankh, bank, blank, clank, crank, dank, drank, embank, flank, franc, frank, hank, lank, outflank, outrank, Planck, plank, point-blank, prank, rank, sank, shank, shrank, spank, stank, swank, tank, thank, wank, yank •sandbank • piggy bank • mountebank •fog bank • mudbank • Bundesbank •databank • riverbank • Burbank •greenshank • sheepshank •scrimshank • Cruikshank •think tank • Franck • Eysenck •bethink, blink, brink, chink, cinque, clink, dink, drink, fink, Frink, gink, ink, interlink, jink, kink, link, mink, pink, plink, prink, rink, shrink, sink, skink, slink, stink, sync, think, wink, zinc •rinky-dink • Humperdinck • iceblink •cufflink • bobolink • Maeterlinck •lip-sync • countersink • doublethink •kiddiewink •tiddlywink (US tiddledywink) •hoodwink

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Brink ★★½ 1998

Andy Brinker leads of group of in line skaters who are dedicated to the sport. But Andy also needs money to help out his family and when a rival team offers him cash to join them on the circuit, Andy's forced into a hard choice. 88m/C VHS . Christina Vidal, Erik von Detten, Patrick Levis, Asher Gold, Sam Horrigan; D: Greg Beeman. CABLE

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brink XIII. ME. also brenk — ON. *brenkōn, corr. to MLG. brink edge of a field, (brow of ) a hill (whence G. brink hill), MDu. brinc (Du. brink grassland), of unkn. orig.

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