Brîndus, Nicolae

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Brînduş, Nicolae

Brînduş, Nicolae, Romanian composer, pianist, writer on music, and teacher; b. Bucharest, April 16, 1935. He studied piano (1952–57) and composition (1960–64) at the Bucharest Univ. of Music, and then attended intermittent summer courses in new music in Darmstadt (1969–80). Later he worked at IRCAM in Paris (1985). After serving as pianist of the Ploieşti Phil. (1960–69), he taught chamber music at the Bucharest Univ. of Music (1969–81). In 1981 he became an ed. of the journal Musica. He also was a prof, of chamber music at the Bucharest Cons, from 1992. From 1993 he lectured on contemporary music in N.Y., Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Northampton, Reno, Hong Kong, Israel, China et al. After serving on the executive committee of the ISCM (1991–93), he was president of its Romanian section (from 1994). He publ, the theoretical vol. Interferenţe (Interrelations; Bucharest, 1984). Among his honors are the prizes of the Romanian Composers and Musicologists Union (1974), the Romanian Radio and TV (1975, 1977), and the Romanian Academy (1977). In his compositions, Brîndus, has explored the utilization of modal and serial elements, improvisation, and electronics. He is also a leading advocate of the syncretic form known as instrumental theater.


DRAMATIC: Logodna (The Betrothal), opera-pantomime (1964-66; Bucharest, Feb. 9, 1975); La Tigănci (With the Gypsy Girls), opera (1978-85; Bucharest, lune 19, 1987). instrumental theater:Kitsch-N for Clarinet and Tape (1974; Warsaw, Sept. 1979); Infrarealism for Voice, Clarinet, and Piano (1975; Warsaw, Sept. 1981); Languir me fais for Percussionist (1979); Prolegomene I (1981) and II (1988) for Tenor and Piano or Bass and Double Bass; Ouvédennerode for Saxophone, Bass, and Tape (1993). orch.:6 Miniatures (1962-70; Brasov, June 4, 1970); 3 Pieces (1964; Cluj-Napoca, May 14, 1966); Music for Chamber Orch. (1964; Tîrgu Mureş, May 5, 1966); Phtora I-Durations (1968; Bucharest, May 10, 1973); Inscription (1969; Arad, June 4, 1971); Antiphonia for String Chamber Orch. (Zagreb, May 4, 1971); Match II- Monody I and Polyphony IV for Chamber Orch. and Tape (Warsaw, Sept. 1973); 2 piano concertos: No. 1, Diálogos (1978; Iaşi, May 1979) and No. 2 (1993; Chişinău, April 1995); Sineuphonia I for 2 Organs, Orch., and Tape (1986-87; Chiçinău, April 1994). chamber:Cantus Firmus-Phtora III for Keyboard Instrument(s) and Other Instruments or Voices (1970); Waves for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, and Percussion (Darmstadt, July 1972); Melopedia and Fugue for Bassoon (1981); Rhythmòdia, concerto for Solo Percussion (1982); K-N Comment 1988 for Flute and Tape (1988); K-N Comment 1999 for Instrumental Ensemble (1999). piano:Pieces (1962); Ostinato (1962); Sonata for 2 Pianos (1963). vocal:The Ballad Symphony (1964–78); 7 Psalms for Baritone, Piano, and Percussion (1965); Mârturie, cantata for Chorus and Orch. (1967; Bucharest, Feb. 16, 1971); Domni§oara Hus, cantata for Voices and Orch. (1968; Bucharest, Feb. 12, 1970); Oratorio, after the Thomas Evangile (1995–98). electronic:Eksta-sis 256/n (1997); Apocalypse (1999).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire