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brag / brag/ • v. (bragged , brag·ging ) say in a boastful manner: [with direct speech] “I found them,” she bragged. [intr.] they were bragging about how easy it had been. • n. 1. a gambling card game that is a simplified form of poker. 2. [in sing.] a boastful statement; an act of talking boastfully. • adj. inf., excellent; first-rate: that was my brag heifer. PHRASES: bragging rights used to express pride in bettering a rival: it took the team seven games to wrest bragging rights from their interstate rivals.DERIVATIVES: brag·ger n. brag·ging·ly adv.

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bragbag, blag, brag, Bragg, crag, dag, drag, fag, flag, gag, hag, jag, lag, mag, nag, quag, rag, sag, scrag, shag, slag, snag, sprag, stag, swag, tag, wag, zag •ragbag • saddlebag •handbag, sandbag •gasbag • ratbag • air bag • mailbag •fleabag, tea bag •beanbag • windbag • kitbag • dillybag •carpet bag • washbag • growbag •nosebag •bumbag, scumbag •punchbag • Stalag • jetlag • greylag •gulag • dishrag • bullyrag • Morag •ragtag • dog tag • Sontag • wigwag •chinwag •scallywag (US scallawag) • zigzag

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brag First as †adj. (XIII–XVII), which means (i) ‘spirited, brisk, mettlesome’, and (ii) ‘boastful’; sb. and vb. (XIV) denote arrogant, boastful, or pompous behaviour. of unkn. orig.
So braggart XVI. — F. bragard, f. braguer vaunt, brag; see -ARD.

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