Braga, Sonia 1950-

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Braga, Sonia 1950-


Full name, Sonia Maria Campos Braga; born June 8, 1950, in Maringa, Parana, Brazil; daughter of Maria Jose "Zeze" Braga (a seamstress); father, a realtor; sister of Ana Maria Braga (an actress).


Manager—Framework Entertainment, 9057 Nemo St., Suite C, West Hollywood, CA 90069.


Actress. Appeared in various serials on Brazilian television; Cannes International Film Festival, member of the jury.

Awards, Honors:

Film Award, best newcomer, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 1981, for Dona Flor e seus dois maridos; Golden Kikito, best actress, Gramado Film Festival, 1981, for Eu te amo; Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actress, 1985, for Kiss of the Spider Woman; Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actress in a motion picture, 1989, for Moon Over Parador; Emmy Award nomination, outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or special, and Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actress in a series, miniseries, or movie made for television, 1995, both for The Burning Season; Lone Star Film and Television Award, best television supporting actress, Dallas/Ft. Worth Film Critics Association, NCLR Bravo Award nomination, outstanding individual achievement performance in made for television movie or miniseries, National Council of La Raza, 1996, both for Streets of Laredo; Golden Kikito Award, best supporting actress, Gramado Film Festival, 2001, for Memorias Postumas; Imagen Foundation Award nomination, best supporting actress in a television drama, 2004, for American Family.


Stage Appearances:

Jorge Dandin, Brazil, c. 1968.

Hair, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1969-70.

Practica e Outra, 1974.

No Pais dos Prequetes, 1979.

Film Appearances:

Atencao: Perigo! (short), 1967.

Victim, O bandido da luz vermelha (also known as The Red Light Outlaw), 1968.

Carolina (title role), A moreninha (also known as The Little Brunette), 1970.

Sandra, Cleo e Daniel, 1970.

Captain Bandeira Versus Doctor Moura Brasil (also known as O Capitao Bandeira contra o Doutor Moura Brazil), 1970.

Title role, Mestica, a escrava indomavel (also known as Mestica, the Indomitable Slave), 1973.

Maria Lucia, O casal (also known as The Couple), 1975.

Dona Flor, Dona Flor e sues dois maridos (also known as Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands), Gaumont/Coline, 1977.

Solange, A dama do lotacao (also known as Lady on the Bus), 1978.

Maria, Eu te amo (also known as I Love You), 1982.

Title role, Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (also known as Gabriela), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Classics, 1983.

Leni Lamaison, Marta, and the Spider Woman, Kiss of the Spider Woman (also known as O beijo da mulher aranha), Island Alive, 1985.

Madonna, Moon Over Parador, Universal, 1988.

Ruby Archuleta, The Milagro Beanfield War, Universal, 1988.

Liesl, The Rookie, Warner Bros., 1990.

Juana, Roosters, 1993.

Ana Puscasu, Two Deaths, Castle Hill, 1996.

Tieta, Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996.

Memorias postumas (also known as Posthumous Memories), Cinematografica Brasileira, 1999.

Quixtla, From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman Daughter (also known as The Hangman's Daughter), Dimension Films, 2000.

Herself, In the Shadow of Hollywood, 2000.

Irine, Perfume (also known as Dress to Kill), Lions Gate Films, 2001.

Iris, Empire, Bigel/Mailer Films, 2001.

Josephine Pogue, Angel Eyes (also known as Ojos de angel), Warner Bros., 2001.

Pablo's mother, Testosterone (also known as Testosterona), Strand Releasing, 2003.

Amalia Rodrigues, Amalia Traida (short), 2004.

Celia Crouch, Scene Stealers, IndieFlix, 2004.

Celia, Che Guevara, 2005.

Tina, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2005.

Nurka, Sea of Dreams, Success Films, 2005.

Teresa Casillas, Bordertown, ThinkFilm, 2006.

Mrs. Garcia, The Hottest State, ThinkFilm, 2006.

Also appeared in The Main Road.

Film Work:

Producer, A dama do lotacao (also known as Lady on the Bus), 1978.

Coproducer, Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996.

Production supporter: New York, For All—O Tramplim da Vitoria (also known as For All: Springboard to Victory), 1997.

Television Appearances; Series:

Reino Encantado, TV Tupi, 1963-64.

Pequeno Principe, TV Record, 1965-66.

The Girl of the Blue Sailboat, 1968.

Lidia, Irmaos coragem (also known as Brave Brothers), 1970.

Flavia, Selva de pedra (also known as Rock Jungle), 1972.

Ana Maria, Vila Sesamo (Brazilian version of Sesame Street), 1972.

Brisa, Fogo sobre terra (also known as Fire Over Earth), 1974.

Title role, Gabriela (also known as Gabriela cravo e canela), TV Globo, 1974.

Marcina, Saramandaia, 1976.

Cintia Levi and Camila, Espelho magico (also known as Magic Mirror), 1977.

Julia Matos, Dancin Days, TV Globo, 1978.

Gelly, Chega mais (also known as Get Closer), 1980.

Carlota Alvarez, Four Corners (also known as Homestead), CBS, 1998.

Helena Silveira Sobral, Forca de um desejo (also known as The Power of a Wish), 1999.

Berta Gonzalez, American Family (also known as American Family: Journey of Dreams), PBS, 2002.

Sophia Vargas, Alias, ABC, 2005.

Tonia Werneck, Paginas da vida, 2006-2007.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Maria Garza, Streets of Laredo (also known as Larry McMurtry's "Streets of Laredo"), CBS, 1995.

Jessica Lopez de la Cruz, A Will of Their Own, NBC, 1998.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Emily, The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains (also known as Unchained), HBO, 1987.

Loah, The Last Prostitute, Lifetime, 1991.

Regina de Carvalho, The Burning Season (also known as The Life and Death of Chico Mendes), HBO, 1994.

Sephora, Moses (also known as Die Bibel—Moses, Die Bibel: Moses, La Bible: Moise, and The Bible: Moses), 1995.

Tieta, Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996.

Irene, Money Play$, The Movie Channel, 1997.

Lily Acosta, The Judge (also known as Steve Martini's "The Judge"), NBC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Women of the World, 1986.

Antonio Barsileiro, TV Globo, 1987.

Sonia Braga Special, 1987.

Presenter, The 59th Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 1987.

Clint, "The Rookie" & Me, 1990.

This'll Kill Ya, 1992.

"Concert of the Americas," Kennedy Center Presents, PBS, 1994.

Nissan Presents: The 2nd Annual Celebration of America's Music, 1998.

ALMA Awards, ABC, 1998.

Sonia Braga: 50 Anos, 2000.

Los 50 mas bellos de People en Espanol, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(Television debut) Princess, Gardin encatado (also known as The Enchanted Garden), Brazil, c. 1964.

"Somos Todos do Jardim da Infancia," Caso Especial, 1973.

Fantastico, 1976.

Julia Matos, Dancin' Days, 1978.

Anna Maria Westlake, "The Dragon Lady," The Cosby Show, NBC, 1986.

Anna Maria Westlake, "Mrs. Westlake," The Cosby Show, NBC, 1986.

Sophie, "This'll Kill Ya," Tales from the Crypt (also known as HBO's "Tales from the Crypt"), HBO, 1992.

Voice, "Cinderella," Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Ever After, 1995.

Estudio Brasil, Bravo Brasil, 1998.

Sem Censura, Educativa, 1998.

Beatrice Valdez, "Echoes," Family Law, CBS, 2000.

Maria, "Refining Moments," Sex and the City, HBO, 2001.

Maria, "Ghost Town," Sex and the City, HBO, 2001.

Maria, "What's Sex Got to Do with It?" Sex and the City, HBO, 2001.

Emilina Palmero, "Meet the Cuban Parents," George Lopez, ABC, 2002.

Helen, "Genius," Law & Order, NBC, 2003.

Dona Marta Cruz, "Identity," CSI: Miami, CBS, 2005.

Julia Matos, Tvist, 2005.

Estella de la Costa, "Shadow Boxer," The Ghost Whisperer, CBS, 2005.

Also appeared as herself, "Girls' Education in India," What's Going On?; in Domingao do Faustao.

Television Work; Movies:

Producer (with others), Tieta do Agreste (also known as Tieta and Tieta of Agreste), 1996.



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