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blame / blām/ • v. [tr.] assign responsibility for a fault or wrong: the inquiry blamed the engineer for the accident. • n. responsibility for a fault or wrong: his players had to take the blame. DERIVATIVES: blam·a·ble (also blame·a·ble) adj. blame·ful / -fəl/ adj.

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blameacclaim, aflame, aim, became, blame, came, claim, dame, exclaim, fame, flame, frame, game, lame, maim, misname, name, proclaim, same, shame, tame •endgame • counterclaim • nickname •byname • filename • forename •surname • airframe • mainframe •Ephraim • doorframe • subframe •underframe • aspartame

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blame vb. XII. — OF. bla(s)mer (mod. blámer) = Pr. blasmar, Sp. lastimar :- popL. blastēmāre for ecclL. blasphēmāre revile, reproach (see BLASPHEME).
So blame sb. XIII. — (O)F. blāme, f. the vb.

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