Blamires, Harry

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BLAMIRES, Harry. British, b. 1916. Genres: Novels, Language/Linguistics, Literary criticism and history, Theology/Religion. Career: King Alfred's Coll., Winchester, head of English Dept., 1948-72, dean of Degrees, 1972-74, and dean of Arts, 1974-76. Publications: Repair the Ruins, 1950; English in Education, 1951; The Devil's Hunting Grounds, 1954; Cold War in Hell, 1955; Blessing Unbounded, 1955, as Highway to Heaven, 1984; The Faith and Modern Error, 1956, as The Secularist Heresy, 1980; The Will and the Way, 1957, as A God Who Acts, 1981; The Kirkbride Conversations, 1958; Kirkbride & Company, 1959; The Offering of Man, 1959; The Christian Mind, 1963; A Defence of Dogmatism (in US as The Tyranny of Time), 1965; The Bloomsday Book: Guide through Joyce's Ulysses, 1966; Word Unheard: A Guide through Eliot's Four Quartets, 1969; Milton's Creation: A Guide through Paradise Lost, 1971; A Short History of English Literature, 1974; Where Do We Stand?, 1980; Twentieth-Century English Literature, 1982; (ed.) Guide to Twentieth-Century Literature in English, 1983; On Christian Truth, 1983; Notes on "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," 1984; Words Made Flesh, 1985, in UK as The Marks of the Maker, 1987; Studying James Joyce, 1987; Meat not Milk (in US as Recovering the Christian Mind), 1988; The Victorian Age of Literature, 1988; The Age of Romantic Literature, 1989; A History of Literary Criticism, 1991; Notes on John Betjeman: Selected Poems, 1992; The Queen's English, 1994; The Cassell Guide to Common Errors in English, 1997; The Post-Christian Mind, 1999; The Penguin Guide to Plain English, 2000; Compose Yourself- and Write Good English, 2003. Address: 3 Glebe Close, Keswick, Cumbria CAl2 5QQ, England.

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Blamires, Harry

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