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bamboozlebasil, bedazzle, dazzle, frazzle, razzle •damsel • razzle-dazzle • Basel •bezel, embezzle •Denzil •appraisal, hazel, nasal, phrasal •wych hazel •diesel, easel, teasel, weasel •chisel, drizzle, fizzle, frizzle, grizzle, mizzle, pizzle, sizzle, swizzle, twizzle •reprisal, revisal •nozzle, shemozzle •acausal, causal, clausal, menopausal, monocausal •arousal, carousal, espousal, spousal, tousle •disposal, proposal •accusal, bamboozle, foozle, ouzel, perusal, refusal •guzzle, muzzle, nuzzle, puzzle •mangel-wurzel

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bam·boo·zle / bamˈboōzəl/ • v. [tr.] inf. fool or cheat (someone): Tom Sawyer bamboozled the neighborhood boys into doing it for him. ∎  (often be bamboozled) confound or perplex: bamboozled by the number of savings plans being offered.

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bamboozle trick, cheat, mystify. XVIII. prob. of cant orig.; cf. Sc. bumbaze, bom- (XVII).

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