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a·mass / əˈmas/ • v. [tr.] gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time: starting from nothing he had amassed a huge fortune. ∎  [intr.] archaic (of people) gather together in a crowd or group. DERIVATIVES: a·mass·er n.

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amassalas, Alsace, amass, ass, Bass, chasse, crass, crevasse, en masse, gas, Hamas, lass, mass, morass, sass, tarantass, tass, wrasse •Díaz • Phidias • palliasse •materfamilias, paterfamilias •Asturias • Aphrodisias • Trias •Donbas • Vargas • Ofgas • biogas •teargas • jackass • Hellas • Ulfilas •Stanislas • Candlemas • landmass •Martinmas • biomass • Childermas •Esdras • Mithras • hippocras •sassafras • demitasse • gravitas

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amass XV. — (O)F. amasser :-Rom. *admassāre, f. AD- + L. massa MASS2.

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