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a·long / əˈlông; əˈläng/ • prep. 1. moving in a constant direction on (a path or any more or less horizontal surface): soon we were driving along a narrow road [as adv.] she sailed along. ∎  used metaphorically to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress: they can be helped along the road to modernity [as adv.] they asked how the construction was coming along. 2. extending in a more or less horizontal line on: cars were parked along the grass border. • adv. in or into company with others: he had brought along a friend of his. ∎  at hand; with one: take along a camcorder when you visit. PHRASES: along the lines (of) in conformity with: a highway patrol organized along the lines of the New Jersey State Police. along with in company with or at the same time as: I was chosen, along with twelve other artists. be (or come) along arrive: she'll be along soon a chance like this doesn't come along every day.

views updated

alongalong, belong, bong, chaise longue, dong, Geelong, gong, Guangdong, Haiphong, Heilong, Hong Kong, Jong, King Kong, long, mah-jong, Mao Zedong, Mekong, nong, pong, prolong, prong, sarong, Shillong, song, souchong, strong, thong, throng, tong, Vietcong, wrong •billabong • dingdong • Wollongong •Chittagong • headlong • livelong •sidelong • lifelong • oblong • oolong •singalong • furlong • pingpong •Armstrong • headstrong • part song •plainsong • evensong • singsong •swansong • birdsong • biltong •diphthong

views updated

along OE. andlang (cf. ANTI-, LONG1). For the development of ndl to l cf. ELEVEN.

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