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1. Gothic ornament, generally a bud, flower, leaf, or bunch of foliage, placed at regular intervals on the external edges of canopies, gables, gablets, hood-moulds, pinnacles, spires, etc. The largest bunches at the top, standing on an upright stem (finial), are properly called crops.

2. Crockets also occur on the corners of foliated Gothic capitals, based, no doubt, on the Corinthian Order.

3. Foil, as in a crocket-arch with foils on the intrados.

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crocket •adit •bandit, pandit •accredit, credit, edit, subedit •Chindit • conduit •audit, plaudit •pundit • refit • misfit • benefit •profit, prophet, soffit •forfeit • outfit • Tophet • photofit •buffet, tuffet •comfit • counterfeit • surfeit • agate •margate, target •frigate • Tlingit • hogget •drugget, nugget •Brigitte • gadget • eejit •Bridget, digit, fidget, midget, widget •budget •Blackett, bracket, jacket, packet, placket, racket •blanket • gasket • bedjacket •straitjacket • lifejacket • leatherjacket •downmarket, market, upmarket •basket, casket •breadbasket • Euromarket •Newmarket • hypermarket •Becket, Beckett •cricket, midwicket, picket, picquet, piquet, pricket, snicket, thicket, ticket, wicket •trinket •biscuit, brisket, frisket •identikit •brocket, crocket, Crockett, docket, locket, pocket, rocket, socket, sprocket •airpocket • pickpocket • skyrocket •toolkit •bucket, Nantucket, tucket •Blunkett, junket •musket • rust bucket •circuit, short-circuit

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crocket †curl; (archit.) small ornament on the inclined side of a pinnacle, etc. XVII; bud of a stag's horn XIX. — var. of (O)F. crochet CROTCHET.

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